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Healthy Tea That Actually Tastes Good Too!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ryl™ Company and Ryl™ Tea

How do I pronounce “Ryl™”?

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Ryl™ is our fun, modern way of saying the word real. Today, we as a society get to define what we believe is real or not real. Ryl™ is our version of bringing the real good parts of tea to life. 

Does “Ryl™” stand for something other than just its pronunciation?

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Ryl™ is short for Rethink Your Liquids. For years, people have been told that big sugary categories like tea can’t be good for you. That’s why so many people stick to things like sparkling water when they are looking for flavor but don’t want to waste the calories. We want people to rethink that years old mentality. We made tea taste good and do good for your body, both at the same time.

Does Ryl™ Tea taste more like full sugar tea, diet tea, or unsweetened tea?

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Our teas were made to be the happy medium between all 3 subsets of the iced tea category. We describe our teas in a simple way: close your eyes and imagine you brewed up a cup of tea in your kitchen (whether you prefer a tea pouch or loose leaf tea), put it in the fridge to let it chill, and added a perfectly refreshing dose of all natural sweetener. 

Why call it Ryl™ Tea? Is it really real?

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It’s simple. Most stuff out there that says “real” on the label, isn’t usually filled with any of the real benefits you find in the raw stuff. We hate that. Our teas were developed to ensure that we had all of the incredible benefits that tea leaves deliver in their raw form (polyphenols, naturally occurring caffeine, l-theanine, flavor). We use a proprietary blend of teas that allow us to bring the most robust polyphenol profile to the table without sacrificing taste!

Nutrition & Ingredients

Where does the tea in Ryl™ Tea come from?

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That’s a part of the secret sauce. If we told you, we’d have to block your IP address from our site (kidding). Ryl™ Tea uses a proprietary blend of tea’s from all over the world, giving it a universal tea taste and robust polyphenol profile.

What are tea polyphenols?

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It’s ok. Most people don’t know. You ever make a cup of tea at home when you were feeling under the weather? We like to ask why you added tea at all, why not just boil water? Well, it’s because when you add tea, that’s where all of the stuff that makes you feel better comes from. That’s our simple way of saying – polyphenols are the healthy, naturally occurring compounds that tea leaves have in them, which are linked to helping your body fight off oxidative stress. 

How much caffeine is in the product?

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 Every can of Ryl™ Tea has at least 20mg of naturally occurring caffeine that is coming directly from the tea itself! Too many brands with caffeine claims add it as a separate ingredient. We keep it clean & simple. Let the tea do the work!

What does it mean when I see “antioxidants” on other tea labels? Is this different?

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Claiming to have antioxidants is a lot broader than most people know. We’ll spill the tea (no pun intended) and tell you the truth about the beverage industry: do you know why most brands are able to claim antioxidants on their label? Well, it’s because they use Vitamin C (at 18mg or more) as an ingredient (ascorbic acid or other variations). Seems fair and straightforward… but here’s the thing: beverage companies (including Ryl™) usually use Vitamin C to protect the taste and flavor, not to make the drinks healthy. We are unique, we claim not only antioxidants (18mg of Vitamin C), but we also tell you about the proprietary tea polyphenol blend (catechins, EGCG, etc) that we have in all of our cans! 

Is this a supplement? Or can I give this to everyone in my family?

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Ryl™ Tea is safe to consume. We didn’t build Ryl™ Tea to feel like a medicinal supplement, we built it to bring the healthy benefits of tea to life in format that you can enjoy several times throughout the day. We think that products which are healthy for you aren’t traditionally available in fun, tasty formats. That’s why we wanted to bring the healthy attributes of tea to the fun, taste-filled iced tea world!

Is Ryl™ Kosher?

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Yes, we are Certified OU Kosher.

Is Ryl™ plant-based?

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Yes, all of our ingredients are plant-based friendly.

Other Ryl™ Facts

Is Ryl™ Tea something that needs to be stored in the fridge, or can I keep it in the pantry?

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Ryl™ Tea is 100% shelf stable. Meaning, you can store it ambient until you finally get to cracking it open! We recommend resealing it (in your favorite sealable mug or cup) and putting it in the fridge after opening. 

When do you recommend drinking Ryl™ throughout the day?

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Good news, whenever you want. We like to say Ryl™ is the perfect product for any occasion: quick pick me up in the morning, perfect combo with a slice of pizza (remember your saving calories drinking Ryl™ 😉), great refreshing product to have at the gym, or even a sweet little indulgence after dinner.

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