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Healthy Tea That Actually Tastes Good Too!

What are Polyphenols?

Tea Polyphenols

There are several types of these, and depending on which type of tea you are drinking, you are likely getting a different type (and dose) of them. Some major groups: Catechins, Theaflavins, Tannins, and Flavonoids.

More and more literature is being published around the positive impact that tea polyphenols have as it relates to things like reducing the risk of long term chronic illness (ex. Cardiovascular disease).

Although we can’t say for sure that drinking tea rich in polyphenols can prevent or reduce different forms of chronic illness, we can suggest that it doesn’t hurt to include those healthy polyphenols in your daily diet.

Do other tea brands have polyphenol claims?

Most bottled tea companies depend on the tea powder, tea leaves, and the tea brewing process to achieve their polyphenol profile. Unfortunately, we have found that simply letting the tea do the work isn’t enough in the traditional tea manufacturing process, which is likely one of the reasons why you don't see other big tea brands making claims about their specific polyphenol levels.

What You See

Ever see a drink with claims around “excellent source” or “good source” of antioxidants. Notice something: they usually only reference general antioxidants.

The Bad News

"Antioxidant" claims usually reference the ingredient “ascorbic acid” or “acerola extract” which are added for other key reasons and leveraged as a marketing upsell.

The Truth

These ingredeints are used to protect the taste and shelf life of added sweeteners and flavors that are used to create some of the tastiest iced tea products out there.

Our Ryl™ Antioxidant Technology

tea antioxidant technology

Our Competitive Edge

We have created a proprietary process and formula designed to ensure that every can of Ryl™ Tea delivers the magical wellness attributes that a tea leaf has to offer.

Antioxidant Tea Blend

We developed our proprietary “Antioxidant Tea Blend” which allows us to deliver 200mg of Tea Polyphenols to every can we produce

Robust Catechin Profiles

All of our teas (black and green) have robust, consistent catechin profiles! With 100mg in each and 40-60mg of EGCG

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