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When life gives you lemons, you make Ryl Lemon Tea… At least we do! Grab this 0g sugar, 0 calories, nothing artificial can of tea and give your tastebuds what they want. Our Ryl blend of monk fruit & stevia will take you on a naturally refreshing journey one sip at a time!
  • Zero Sugar
  • Plant Based
  • Gluten Free
  • OU Kosher
  • Zero Sodium
  • Nutritional Facts 1 Can
  • Vitamin C 18mg
  • Tea Antioxidants 200mg
  • Caffeine 20mg
  • L–Theanine 30mg
the day

Clean, Simple Ingredients

  • Tea

    Our delicious & premium blend of tea leaves were selected to deliver the tastiest iced tea.

  • Tea Extract

    The secret tea antioxidant blend (95% polyphenols/45% catechins).

  • Ryl™ Sweetener

    Naturally sweetened using monk fruit & stevia (the perfect duo).

  • L-Theanine

    Natural component of tea leaves that leaves you calm but energized.

Taste The Difference
  • Tea Polyphenols

    Natural compounds that are found in many plant-based foods and are known for their antioxidant properties. Tea leaves are full of them which is one of the reasons that tea is used as a health-enhancing supplement globally.

  • Polyphenol Benefits

    Our bodies are exposed to free radical load daily. This can lead to oxidative stress: major culprit for disease . Studies show that polyphenols can scavenge free radicals, which can help reduce risk from chronic illnesses (ex. Cardiovascular Disease).

  • Steeped Tea: Polyphenols

    Tea you make at home (pouch or loose format) is usually full of polyphenols. That’s why so many people drink homemade tea when they are under the weather. The controlled, additive-free nature of loose tea makes this possible.

  • Bottled Tea: Polyphenols

    The delicious iced teas we all love usually aren't as clean and full of the healthy stuff. This is due to multiple factors: they undergo extensive processing, they are often loaded with additives and sugar, and may use low quality tea.

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Ryl™ is our way of spelling the word real. We are on a mission to build a culture focused on all things real. Real people. Real perspectives. Real moments. Real fun. But most importantly, real good tasting tea made with real good ingredients.

Well, it’s definitely not fake. Ryl™ Tea uses 100% real tea and delivers 100% real iced tea flavor all while giving you 100% of the good stuff that tea leaves should plus 0% of the bad stuff (nothing artificial).

Ryl™ is short for Rethink Your Liquids. We’re here to give you an iced tea that you don’t have to feel bad about drinking. Sure, most other iced teas might be filled with sugar, might have artificial ingredients, and might not do much good for your body, but Ryl™ Tea does.

It is. We like to say it’s perfectly sweetened. We use natural monk fruit and stevia to give it the perfect taste!

That’s a part of the secret sauce. If we told you, we’d have to block your IP address from our site (kidding). Ryl™ Tea uses a proprietary blend of tea’s from all over the world, giving it a universal tea taste and robust polyphenol profile.

The good stuff in a tea leaf most people don’t know about. When you make a fresh cup at home, you’re likely to get a good amount of them. When you pick up a bottle at a store, you might not be getting any. We created Ryl™ Tea to make sure that there are 200mg of them in every can.

There is about 20mg of naturally occurring caffeine in every can. 

Claiming to have antioxidants is a lot broader than most people know. We’ll spill the tea (no pun intended) and tell you the truth about the beverage industry: do you know why most brands are able to claim antioxidants on their label? Well, it’s because they use Vitamin C (at 18mg or more) as an ingredient (ascorbic acid or other variations). Seems fair and straightforward… but here’s the thing: beverage companies (including Ryl™) usually use Vitamin C to protect the taste and flavor, not to make the drinks healthy. We are unique, we claim not only antioxidants (18mg of Vitamin C), but we also tell you about the proprietary tea polyphenol blend (catechins, EGCG, etc) that we have in all of our cans! 

The magical part about Ryl™ Tea is that it’s as much of a functional tea as it is an iced tea. Every can has 200mg of tea polyphenols but it was developed to be an iced tea that delivered more than just great taste. Ryl™ Tea can be consumed daily. 

Good news, whenever you want. We like to say Ryl™ is the perfect product for any occasion: quick pick me up in the morning, perfect combo with a slice of pizza (remember your saving calories drinking Ryl™ 😉), great refreshing product to have at the gym, or even a sweet little indulgence after dinner.